Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why Textillery Weavers?
    Coming from the American craft movement of the late 1970’s, Textillery is now part of the global economy. With 30 years of design, weaving and technical skills; we produce the best hand woven throws on the market.
  2. What are your products woven with?
    We are known for weaving with chenille. Chenille is a spinning process. It can be any fiber wrapped around a central core – we use rayon chenille in several different thicknesses. When first developed, it was called ‘poor man’s velvet’ in that it has the plush feel of velvet. In French – chenille means caterpillar – if you look at the yarn –it has the round tubular nature of a caterpillar. We often combine our rayon chenille yarns with cotton yarns. We have added bamboo this year and we love it – it has shine and softness without being nearly as quirky to work with as chenille. We do not currently work in wool or cashmere.

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  1. So many styles – how do I choose?
    We have put many different sort features into the website – you can choose washability, thickness, design features. Using the advanced search – you can narrow down your options quickly (ex: sort by lightweight plaid throw in red)
  2. I want my own colors – can I design my own throw?
    We do not do custom designs for just one. But if you want 12 of the same design – feel free to give us a call!  We are always designing new products and looking for new color combinations – so feel free to send us your requests. Remember – we can only weave designs that are ‘on the grid’. With our looms – we cannot do any pictoral weaving, circles, flowers, logo’s etc.
  3. How can I order when I can’t feel the throws?
    We recommend that all potential stores and designers see us at a trade show or see one of our stocking dealer sales reps. See our list oftrade shows in upcoming events and our list of sales reps in contact us section. We will do our best to send out swatches whenever practical – and have a really nice notebook/catalogue for stocking dealers. If you are a contract designer working on a hotel project – we will send you a notebook/catalogue with as many examples of potential bed throws as you might need. Another option is to send us fabrics and we will let you know what we have available in your colors.
  4. I bought a Textillery throw a number of years ago and now want a new one just like it. OR – I just stayed at a hotel that had your throws - how can I purchase?
    The best thing to do in this case is email us a digital photo. We will try to identify the style and assist you.
  5. What is the difference between a lightweight, midweight and plush throw?  Should I get the 42” width or the 52” width?
    These are personal choice questions. Our lightweight throws range from 2-4 lbs in weight and our plush throws go up to 7 or 8 lbs. If it’s a small piece of furniture or a small person – you probably don’t want to be overwhelmed with a plush heavy throw. On the other hand, if the throw is going on a large sectional in a big room – go for the gusto. We are selling more and more of the 52” width as our customers realize how much more comforting it is to have the extra 10” in the width.

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Shipping & Delivery

  1. How long will my order take?
    Because of the long set up – we try to do a ‘run’ of a particular design. It takes us about 3 months to weave the entire line. If you just miss a run – it may take 10-12 weeks for your order. If the items you need are coming up – you may have in just several weeks. We try for 8-10 weeks on all orders. We do have some inventory on hand –so if you need immediately shipment – call and we can tell you exactly what we have in stock. We typically ship UPS or FEDEX – we will bill you the exact shipping charges – please allow 2-5% depending upon location.

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  1. How do I take care of my throw?
    Care instructions are sewn in. Take care to secure the fringes with ties when sending to dry cleaner or before putting your throw in the dryer. If tangles appear on one end – try to comb them out regularly and soon they will go away. Sometimes there is initial ‘shedding’ of fibers – shake out well or put through low heat dryer and the shedding should go away.

    Care Diagram

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  1. What if I don’t like it when I get it – can I return it?  What about flaws?
    Because our throws are made to order – we want you to feel pretty positive about your order before you place it. If it is something we made custom for you – we cannot accept a return. If you notice something wrong with your throw or a flaw, please call us immediately when you receive it and we will try to handle the situation to everyone’s satisfaction. If you bought your throw at a retail store – or received it as a gift; any returns must go through the retail store where purchased.

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